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Medical, Surgical & Cosmetic Care For Adults & Children.

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General Dermatology

We are equipped to handle any concerns that affect your skin, hair or nails.

Mohs Surgery

This unique surgical procedure allows in-house processing of your skin cancer specimen to ensure clear margins.

Dermatologic Surgery &

Cosmetic Procedures

In addition to Botox injections, we offer a variety of surgical procedures for treatment of skin cancers, cysts, and other lesions.


Mohs Surgery:

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a highly advanced and effective treatment for skin cancer today. The concept of Mohs surgery was developed by Frederick Mohs in the 1930’s and has become the standard-of-care for treatment of high-risk skin cancers due to its extremely high cure rate and preservation of normal skin (skin-sparing). Training in this procedure has also become more refined and intensive.

The high cure rate with Mohs surgery is derived from the unique way in which skin cancers are processed with frozen sections and subsequently viewed under the microscope. This enables the surgeon to evaluate 100% of the surgical margin. Mohs surgery differs from traditional tissue processing where only a small sample of the removed cancer is viewed under the microscope, increasing the chances of recurrences. Because of this unique processing, the Mohs surgeon is able to tell with certainty if the entire cancer is removed or if another “stage” or “layer” is needed to remove more cancerous tissue. In this way, the Mohs surgeon can remove the skin cancer very precisely until the entire cancer is removed and great care can be taken to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible.

You and your doctor will evaluate all of these and other features of your skin cancer and decide the best possible treatment in your specific case. Skin cancer is a very heterogeneous problem so it important to discuss all of the possible treatment options either with your doctor or Dr. Peterson.    


Mohs Patient Education Video

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